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Novem Park 51

7500 Holstebro

Tlf: 9612 7200

Fax: 9612 7201


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Business development in Northwestern Jutland



Nupark is a development park, where new ideas grow and projects constantly develop. By strenghtening the co-operation between private as well as public companies and science we create growth. In Novem it's possible to rent an office in an exciting and growth oriented environment.


Inside Nupark You will find established companies, public institutions, incubators and students.


Inside Nupark You also will find the perfect surroundings for businessmeetings and conferences.













Nupark is the result of a close co-orporation between 7 municipalities in the North-Western part of Denmark and the company Vestforsyning Holding. The last named is a company that supplies their customers with heating, electricity and water and also has a waster water treatment plant. 



The purpose of the organisation Nupark is to keep and attract knowledge from the Eastern part of Denmark to the Westen part. To do this we establish contact between businesses and higher educational institutions.