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About Maabjerg BioEnergy


The plan to create the world's largest bioenergy plant arose back in 2002 when a group of organisations and companies gathered together. In the group of interested partners you find representatives from the agriculture and representatives from companies that work within the fields of energy and waste management. The agriculture is represented by Holstebro-Struer Farmer's Association. The industry is represented by a group of companies, that work within the fields of energy and waste management (Vestyforsyning Holding, The Environmental Association of Northwestern Jutland and Elsam)



The Project takes it's starting point in the need to minimize the discharge of phosporous and nitrogen coming from the agriculture. With the establishment of the plant a decline in the amount of the above mentioned nutrients is expected. At the same time it is expected that the use of biogas in the production of energy will be to the benefit for the whole local area.


Due to the strong partners who stand behind the project it's possible to use the plant to develop new knowledge about the use of bioenergy as energy source and develop knowledge about the many environmental advantages the establishment of the BioEnergy plant will mean.


The location situated close to the combined heat and power station, Måbjergværket, close to Environmental Association of Northwestern Jutland's waste treatment facility and close to the science center Novem will be a strength for the plant.   



Maabjerg BioEnergy Ltd.


The purpose of the Development Company is to lead the project towards the establishment of Maabjerg BioEnergy Ltd.


The approximately 200 farmers who supply the plant with manure, own 51% of the Company. The remaining part is owned by the three companies Vestforsyning Holding, The Environmental Association of Northwestern Jutland and Elsam.