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The shareholders in Maabjerg BioEnergy Inc.


The Association of Suppliers


The association consists of a little over 200 local farmers. Each and every one of these farmers have invested money in the project. The Association of Suppliers owns the majority (51%) of the shares in Måbjerg BioEnergy Inc.



Vestforsyning Holding


The local energy supplying company in Holstebro is Vestforsyning Holding. They also own the energy- and environmental center Enervice. This center is expected to solve a number of tasks within the fields of energy consulting and teching related to the project.

Besides from this company Vestforsyning holds the majority of shares in the organisation Nupark. The latter will take care of the dissemination of the knowledge and results coming from the project.

The business and innovation centre Nupark is also the domicile for the whole project. For more information try www.vestforsyning.dk or www.nupark.dk




nomi inc.


The Environmental Association of Northwestern Jutland nomi inc. is an intermunicipal company founded back in 1990 by the 5 municipalities Holstebro, Struer, Thyholm, Trehøje and Vindererup. Also this company has it's domicile in Nupark.

For more information try www.nomi.dk



Elsam Inc.


Elsam is the producer of electricity and district heating. The company is owned by a number of grid companies in Jutland and on Funen. Elsam Inc. is also the owner of the CHP-plant Måbjerg Værket - a company, that plays an essential role in the plans to realize the worlds largest Bioenergy plant.

For more information try www.elsam.com




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