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The plant



Behind the wish to build the world's largest BioEnergy plant stand two different purposes. 

The one purpose is to reduce the amount of nutrients, that the farmers discharge. By treating the manure in the bioenergy plant it will be possible to reduce the discharge of manure.

The second purpose is to produce biogas as a substitute for the traditional fuel used in energy supply.


Besides from this they work on being able to use dead animals and recycle organic waste from the households and sludge in the process.


On account of the economy the plant must be big. It is expected, that the plant on a yearly basis will handle 485.000 tonnes of biomass. Of this amount the 360.000 tonnes of manure will come from the agriculture.


The total yearly production of biogas thereby will be 14,5 million m3 biogas. This means that this plant will be the world's largest bioenergy plant.



The reason for Måbjerg BioEnergy operating with these large amounts must be found in the partners, who stand behind this project. Over 200 farmers have joined up behind the projcet and has not only invested in the project but will also act as suppliers of manure to the plant.


The above mentioned amount of manure corresponds to manure from more than 26.000  household animals. On top of this amount of manure to feed the BioEnergy plant comes different kinds of waste from the Food Science Industry and the possibility to add sludge and waste water to the plant.





The potential amount of rawmaterials that can be transformed on the plant is approximately 1330 tonnes on a daily basis.


Raw material


Raw materials to Maabjerg BioEnergy is manure, waste from slaugther houses and dairies, mink bodies and dead animals, sludge, energy crops and organic waste from the households.



Reactor tanks  


All together Måbjerg BioEnergy will operate 8 reactor tanks. 6 tanks on 4000 m3 each to handle the fertilizer from the domestic animals and 2 on 3000 m3 each to handle industrial waste and dead animals.