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The Construction of the plant

The work to optimize the technology, that's going to work Måbjerg BioEnergy is constantly going on. Already a broad variety of experiences within the field of biogas have been collected in Denmark and abroad. These experiences combined with the newest technology and knowledge is the basis for the plant.


The plant is being fed with manure, and silage from the agriculture, industrial waste, dead animals, sludge and organic waste form the households. In the plant energy (biogas) and total solids (phosporous and organic nitrogen) and cleansed manure are being produced.


In the process biomass from the industrial waste, sludge and dead animals is being held seperated from the manure and silage from the agriculture. The reason for this seperation being that the biomass from the first group is illegal to spread on fields used for grazing. The figure below is a simplified illustration of the process.