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The Construction



Maabjerg BioEnergy is at present in the planning phase. According to the time schedule the construction of the plant will start at the beginning of 2005. Before the construction phase a number of conditions however must be fulfilled.


Therefore at the moment  the company and its advisors are carrying out a number of preliminary investigations. These investigations will be the foundation for the further process.

You can read more about some of the things that need to be cleared before the construction phase can begin:



Most likely the plant will be situated in the area around the combined heat and power plant, Måbjerg værket. Here there are good possibilities for cooperation between the Bioenergy plant and the CHP-plant. During the summertime the CHP-plant produces a surplus of heat, that can be used in the bioenergy plant. Conversely the biogas from the bioenergy plant can be used by the CHP plant in the wintertime as a substitute for the natural gas.



Before the construction of a plant of this size of course all the necessary permissions must be in place. Reports to make sure that the construction of the plant will not have a negative effect on the local environment, the construction of the plant must e approved by the local authorities. Apart from these formalities the Asso´ciation behind the project is in an on-going dialogue with the neighbours, that mey be affected by the project.



The final financing must be in place. The total amount of investments is expected to be around 260 Million Danish Kroners. The possibilities for sale and the working expenses are objects to be further investigated.







The size of the plant


When the plant has been built it's expected to fill out an area of 6 hectars.