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Maabjerg BioEnergy Inc. cooperates with qualified advisors to ensure the best possible quality and economy for the whole project. The advisors are chosen based on their experience and knowledge regarding planning and construction of biogasplants in Denmark and abroad.




Rambøll possesses a broad knowledge within the field of biogas. The consulting company has designed a number of biogasplants and on top of that they have done a lot of research within this field as well. Rambøll Denmark is part of the Nordic consulting group - The Rambøll Group- with activities all over the world.



With its 4200 employees the company offers full knowledge based solutions within main fields of: Building and construction, transport and traffic, water and environment, energy, oil and gas, telecommunication, industry and waste.




PlanEnergi is a smaller consulting company, that among other things has experience within the fields of planning and projecting biogasplants, introducing the industry to a cleaner technology and environmental management.

At present time the company has 10 employees (architects, engineers and biologists)





Energy & Oil/Gas

Teknikerbyen 31
DK-2830 Virum


Bjarne Juul-Kristensen


Phone: +45 45 89 83 00



Jyllandsgade 1

9520 Skørping



Peter Jacob Jørgensen



+45 96820400