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The yearly transport of almost 400.000 tonnes of manure to the plant is of course one of the  biggest challenges. Calculations show that transport of the manure only by trucks would mean that  40 - 50 trucks would have to pass through the plant every day. 

The best solution seems to be a combination of a comprehensive pipesystem and transport by trucks. Therefore at the moment preliminary investigations are being carried out to establish a system of pipes from the plant running out in the surrounding areas. On the way there will be a number of centres, where the suppliers can deliver the manure.







On the average a supplier of manure for the plant has 16 km. to Måbjerg BioEnery.


The total amount to be invested in the pipes is expected to be around 60 million Danish kroners.


The map illustrates the distance from the plant to the suppliers of manure. The black ring indicates a distance of 10 km., the red ring a distance of 20 km. and the blue a distance of 30 km.