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Together with partners in Holland and Great Britain Måbjerg BioEnergy has applied for money from EU's Concerto-programme to support the project. The consortium has worked out a joint description of the three projects with the title ECOSTILER. (Energy efficient COmmunity STimulation by use and integration of Local Energy Resources)

Common for the three projects is the manipurpose - to encourage the use of locally produced energy in the three local areas.

Every project has a group of partners. In the case of Måbjerg BioEnergy the partners are the following; Måbjerg BioEnergy Inc., Enervice and Novem. Besides from these partners involved in the Danish project there is a number of observers connected to the project - among others observers from Italy, Schweden, Slovenia, Latvia and Spain. 


The keyelement in the projects is the use of biogas as an energy source and in the local supply of heating. As already suggested above the three projects have several similarities and every one of the project is expected in many ways to network with the other two projects.


The involved parties are committed to disseminate their knowledge and results to the rest of Europe.






ECOSTILER partners

Amsterdam New West is a community of about 50.000 dwellings. In this community they are going to reduce the emission of CO2 by 50% upon completition of the redevelopment in 2015.

London Southwark is a local community committed to high energy and environmental standards. They have succesfully implemented the emission of CO2 in the local area involving a high percentage of the citizens in the local community. There are plans to renovate the district heating system and integrate a biogas fuelled CHP-system.