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29-06-2021 Building the world’s largest BioEnergy plant!

Every ounce has been put into a new bioenergy adventure of so far unseen dimensions. Over 200 farmers, Arla Foods, Danish Crown, Vestforsyning and Elsam are the partners, that stand behind this project. A project that most likely will cost a total amount of 200 million Danish kroners.

It is a bioenergy plant of so far unseen dimensions that during the next few years is expected to come into existence on a field north of Holstebro. According to the plans Måbjerg BioEnergy must be able to handle large amounts of manure, industrial waste and dead animals. These biproducts will through a complicated process be transformed into heat, electricity and different total solids, that later are to be exported. Therefore you will find farmers, large industries and energy suppliers in the broad circle of partners, who stand behind this project.

Måbjerg BioEnergy will have a very positive effect on the manure problems, that the agriculture is struggling with today. In large ovens the manure will be degassed and further on in the process phosphorous and nitrogen will be separated as total solids. The residual product is a thin and clean fertilizer, that is sent back to the farmers. The separated nutrients are to be exported to areas, where they are in demand. The plant will be situated next to the CHP-plant, Måbjergværket, that's owned by Elsam. Thereby the biogas can be utilized as electricity and heating. Conversely the bioenergy plant can use part of the surplus heat, that the plant produces during the summertime.

The consulting company Rambøll has prepared a comprehensive description of the project, where they survey the economy, the logistic and the technical needs.
Not least the project description concerning the daily transport of the expected 1500 tonnes of manure is being thoroughly investigated in the project description. The solution to this challenge probably will be a far-reaching net of pipe-lines covering a large area.

Besides the big interest coming from the farmers, who all have investigated money in this project, it also is expected that Måbjerg BioEnergy will be met with great interest from other farmers and scientists all over the world. Therefore a visitor's centre with teaching facilities, exhibitions and guided tours is being planned at the moment.

During the next half year the people behind this project will continue their work with the financing of the project, that's estimated to cost a total amount of 200 million Danish kroners.