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Energy and environment


The County of Ringkjøbing, where Maabjerg BioEnergy is situated already focuses on the development and production of sustainable energy. Therefore a number of bioenergy plants are already situated in the county and here you'll find some of the world's largest windmill industries (Bonus Energy and Vestas)


As one of Denmark's most important agricultural areas it's only natural, that the county of Ringkjøbing also becomes the domicile for the world's largest BioEnergy Plant.

The plant will have a positive influence on a number of environmental problems and at the same time prepare the way for the use of new energy sources in so far unseen dimensions.

  • Reduction of phosphorous and nitrogen in the agriculture.
  • A fertilizer with a lot less obnoxious smells.
  • Export of the above mentioned products to areas where they are needed.
  • Reduction of CO2 by using biogas as an energy source in the local area.
  • The use of organic waste from the industrial production of food in the production of biogas.