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The Agriculture and Maabjerg BioEnergy



The interest for this project among the local farmers has been very big. By the time of the establishment of the association of the project more than 200 farmers had joined up behind the project. This number of farmers equals 27.000 animals. The farmers expect, that the project will solve a number of the productional- and environmental problems on the farms.


Among others this happens through a better distribution and higher exploitation of the nutrients in the manure from the domestic animals, the export of animals and less obnoxious smells in the local area.

The farmer is supposed to deliver his whols production of manure to the plant. Then he will get liquid manure back in an amount that corresponds to what he's allowed to spread out on his fields.


If the farmer has too much manure in proportion to his number of hectars, the surplus of the manures goes to other farmers or the total solids will be exported to countries where they are needed.




Demands to the farmer


Installations on the farm is totally dependent upon wheter a connection to the pipesystem is necessary or the transport of the manure will be taken care of by trucks. If the transport will be through trucks this implies good approaches to the farm throughout the year.


Besides from this it's important that the tanks on the trucks have a defensible floating coat or another kind of cover, that reduces the evaporation. The liquid manure doesn't develop a floating coat due to its very thin consistency. This also means, that it's no longer necesary to stir before carting out.