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The smell



Despite the fact that Maabjerg BioEnergy on an every day basis will handle tonnes of manure, dead animals and other kinds of waste this most likely will not effect the neighbours. The manure will be transported to the plant through a closed system of pipes and the unloading of the waste and animals will take place in closed unloading halls.


The smoke from the plant vil be lead through a gas cleansing system in the exact same way the smoke from the Måbjerg CHP-plant is being transported. This means that neighbours in the local area will be able to open their windows without getting the smell from manure in through their windows.


Also the neighbours to farmers, who participate in the project will benefit from this participation. The liquid manure the farmers are getting back after the cleansing of the manure is thin and almost odour free. The thin consistency of the manure means, that the liquid absorbs in to the soil much easier. Thereby the manure will not lie on the surface and smell, as it often is the case with the normally handled manure.    



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