About Maabjerg Bioenergy


Maabjerg BioEnergy is a bioenergy plant of unprecedented dimensions. The plant will be able to handle large amounts of manure, as well as industrial waste from the food industry. Using a complicated process, these materials will be turned into heat, electricity and various nutrients for onward sale.

Through the establishment of this plant, the quantity of phosphate and nitrogen released to the environment is expected to be significantly reduced, while at the same time the production of biogas will be utilised in the production of energy, thereby benefiting the surrounding area.

Once the plant is fully operational it will convert 50.000 tonnes of CO2. 20.000 tonnes being related to energy production and the remaining 30.000 tonnes through a reduced emission of CO2 equivalents directly on farms, due to a reduced emission of methane.

The later phenomenon may be best known from the case regarding a special charge on cows' farts.

Because of the strong partnership supporting the project, it will be possible to make optimal use of the plant to develop new knowledge about the utilisation of bio-fuel for energy supply and about the environmental breakthroughs, which are expected from Maabjerg BioEnergy.


We know how...

It's been a long ride down a winding road for Maabjerg BioEnergy before we finally declare one the World's largest biogas plants officially open, but we did it - and we learned a lot along the road. We're ready to share our knowledge.
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