Maabjerg BioEnergy started as an enviromental project designed to limit the emission of nutrients to water courses and fjords. A second goal was to help maintain jobs in the farming community and related businesses.

Furthermore the project was created to utilize the biomass ressources to support the community's energy balance and improve the climate.


Throughout the project we have succeded in meeting these goals.


What you need to know about Maabjerg BioEnergy:

  • Annually transforms 650,000 tonnes of biomass into energi - heat and power.

  • Annually produces 17.8 million cubic meters (m3) of biogas.

  • Total investment: DKK 398 million.

  • Net turnover: DKK 45 million pro anno.

  • Energy production equals heating for 5,388 homes and power for 14,381 homes.

  • Reduces CO2 emission by 50,000 tonnes / year.
  • Reduces nitrogen and phosphor emission into water course by 109 / 311 tonnes per year.
  • Maintians 300 farming jobs which would disappear had we not built the facility.
  • Socioeconic benefit of DKK 1 billion.

Editor's note: This fact sheet was updated 1st December 2011.

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