Maabjerg BioEnergy is basically constructed as a (central) heating supply project with a "neutral" financial goal which means that any profit or loss will affect the consumer price directly.


This also means that noone (eg. investors) will be benefit from any profit, except that the equity might improve. This principle has made it possible for us to obtain a public backing of the funding which made it possible to raise money at very low interest.


Investment  (DKK million)

Bio energy facility 295
Pipelines, slurry transport 56
Misc. 24
Total 375
EU funding 25
Net investment 350



Maabjerg BioEnergy has two socioeconmic upsides: Energy production reduces cost and the farming community is able to maintain current production level while poluting less.

Over 20 years the socioeconomic benefit is estimated at DKK 1 billion.

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