How it works

Oviously, the transportation of nearly 450,000 tonnes of slurry pro anno to Maabjerg BioEnergy is a bit of a challenge. We estimate that transportaion by tanker trucks only would require 40 to 50 truck loads per day.


To reduce traffic and smell Maabjerg BioEnergy has chosen a combination of pipe lines and road transport. At the moment we are working at setting up a network of pipelines from the main facility to a number of hubs for loading/unloading.


Pipeline structure

The pipelines will be constructed in "star formation" from Maabjerg BioEnergy reaching out 16 km (10 miles). Along the pipeline a number of hubs will be build, with storage capacity and facilities for loading and unloading.


The pipeline is made up of two separate lines. One for pumping slurry into the facility as raw material for the biogas process and one for returning "de-gassed" slurry to be used as environmentally friendly (and less smelly) fertilizer.



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