Main facility

The compact technical layout provides a very stringent and distinct design.
The design is shaped as a whole, shielding the tanks and outdoor facilities from view from the access road.


Requirements for indoor ceiling heights provides an increasing flow with offices and staff facilities in the lower part of the building and fiber storage etc. in the taller part of the building.
The main building is designed in a distinct wedge-shape which brings the entire facility together and makes everything more easily managable to the viewer.


As a guest or member of staff you will enter the building in the lowest part.



Drawing by: A2 Arkitekterne A/S.


In the unloading bay extra (ceiling) height is needed. This part of the building has increased height provided by the ellipse-shaped construction on top of the main building. The ellipse is covered in glass and makes up a kind of tower providing a backdrop for the facility's sign (with the name printed).


Drawing by: A2 Arkitekterne A/S. 

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