18 companies wants to be prequalified

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Jørgen Udby

When Maabjerg BioEnergy is ready for production in 2012 a large portion of the bio mass will be transported through closed pipelines. In total 34 km (21 miles) of pipes will connect the main plant to the two hubs outside of town and to the Holstebro main sewage facility.


25th February 2011 was the deadline of a EU-wide call for tenders regarding the construction of the pipelines. 18 companies, all from Denmark, have applied for prequalification.


CEO of the Maabjerg BioEnergy production corporation Joergen Udby is pleased with yet another important step forward. 


"The pipeline system is a groundbreaking idea for bioenergy plants. This is one of the reasons we're part of the EU-project ECOSTILER. And it is indeed a milestone for us to be so far along with the construction that we are now ready to prepare the link between the main plant and the hubs. I look forward to going through the applications for prequalification that we have received," says mr. Udby.


He notices that several local companies are among the 18 construcion companies applying. 


"Maabjerg BioEnergy is not solely a benefit to the environment. The construction in itself is a huge benefit for employment. You can see that quite clearly these days where the construction site almost resembles a bee hive. But in the long term the processing of slurry into climate-friendly fuel will also ensure the farming community's abibility to survive and prosper, so we're all excited to get started," says Joergen Udby.

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