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Monday, April 04, 2022

Maabjerg BioEnergy will reduce CO2 emmision by 50,000 tons annually, but partly thanks to funding by the EU project ECOSTILER, the climate-friendly philosophy can be expanded even further to include the suppliers.


ECOSTILER co-funds several activities at Maabjerg BioEnergy including the construction of pipelines, which will connect the main facility with two hubs ten miles away, so that road traffic going to and from the main facility will be reduced. And ECOSTILER also supports energy conservation projects in the farming community.


CEO of Struer Forsyning (part-owner of Maabjerg BioEnergy) Knud Schousboe is the project manager of this ECOSTILER subproject. He says:


"We have selected 40 farms, which have all agreed to let us install additional energy meters, so we can map their energy consumption. Getting an overview of the consumption is an important first step towards saving energy, so it might be an eye-opener for some farmers."


When the orginal application for EU co-funding was filled out eight years ago, nobody really knew the potential for energy conservation in the local farming community. Today, it seems that things aren't all that bad.


"Many farmers have made ongoing changes, changing pumps and equipment for more energy efficient, newer models. There seems to be a high level of awareness of the common sense in optimizing the energy comsumption," says Knud Schousboe, adding that noone in the farming community is wasting energy.


The 40 selected farms will be monitoring their energy compsumption for the next year on a detailed level. Earlier, 25 farms were given an energy audit to help them spot their potential for energy conservation.


"Besides monitoring the energy consumption we're also focusing on energy management. Right now we're giving a seminar on energy management aimed at farmers, where they can learn how to benefit from the data they're collecting about energy consumption," says mr. Schousboe.


In a future phase of the farming community project a select number of farms will be offered financial support for investing in energy conservation measures.


ECOSTILER, which is a part of the European Commission-sponsored CONCERTO initiative, provides Maabjerg BioEnergy with a total funding of DKK 25 million (EURO 3,35 million).


Click her to read more about ECOSTILER.

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