Maabjerg BioEnergy starts test production

Tuesday, January 10, 2022

"Today is a significant day in Maabjerg BioEnergy's long history," said the Maabjerg BioEnergy Drift A/S board chairman, Arne Lægaard. Photo: Jens Bach.



The construction of "the world's biggest bioenergy plant of this type" is now completed. As planned, preparations are starting for Maabjerg BioEnergy to start commercial operation within a few months.
Initially, the tanks need to be filled with biomass, and then a long list of tests and adjustments can start. The piping to and from the plant is not yet completely finished, but the Suppliers' Association has just received four new road tankers, which will be responsible for part of the liquid manure transport.


"This is a very important milestone," says Kristian Gade, chairman of the Maabjerg BioEnergy Suppliers' Association Ltd. (Leverandørforeningen A.m.b.a.):

 "Agriculture is in a difficult competitive position. These days, one needs to have as many domestic animals as possible to break even. We really need Maabjerg BioEnergy to treat the liquid manure, so that we can continue to supply and export Danish foods and furs, without having to compromise with respect to the environment. We need to get started urgently, and we are really delighted that the project is on schedule."


In addition to the road tankers, Maabjerg BioEnergy will be connected by a pipeline to the Arla dairy in Holstebro, which will supply whey from cheese production. Another pipeline is currently being laid, to connect the Holstebro Central Sewage Works with the plant. Finally, the bioenergy plant will be connected to a decentralized reloading station near Skave, about 15 km east of Holstebro.


"Originally, a reloading station south of Holstebro was also planned, but it's provisionally on standby," says the Maabjerg BioEnergy Drift A/S CEO, Jørgen Udby.


"The biogas sector faces tough economic conditions, and these aren't improved by the new NOx tax, which will cost us a seven digit amount annually. Maabjerg BioEnergy has to run a tight ship, and can only manage because we have some major operating advantages, which other plants have a hard time exploiting. We still hope that the tax on biogas production will be reconsidered, but in the meantime we're concentrating on getting the plant commissioned," says Jørgen Udby.


When Maabjerg BioEnergy is running at full capacity, the plant will produce 17.8 million cubic meters of biogas annually. There is already a gas pipeline to the neighboring site, where the cogeneration plant Måbjergværket is situated. The greater part of the gas will however supply Vinderup Varmeværk, which is currently being connected to the biogas via a 16 km long gas pipeline.

Facts: New road tankers for Maabjerg BioEnergy

  • The Suppliers' Association has purchased four Volvo Globetrotter FM 460 trucks. These 6x2
trucks, which were supplied by the Holstebro Volvo Truck Center, are equipped with 13-liter D13C Euro5 diesel engines, with six cylinders each and delivering 460 hp.
  • The tanker trailers, with a capacity of 34 000 liters each, were built by the West Jutland specialist company VM Tarm A/S. Each truck and tanker trailer has a total weight of 48 tons.
  • The Suppliers' Association has a contract with the Holstebro hauler Ejler Chr. Knudsen A/S who will make drivers available for the trucks.
  • When Maabjerg BioEnergy is running at full capacity, the trucks will be used for 10 hours a day, six days a week.


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