Pictures: Nordic Biogas Conference

Monday, April 30, 2022

On 23rd - 25th April Maabjerg BioEnergy participated at "Nordic Biogas Conference 2012" in Bella Center, Copenhagen. And we won the prize for "best exhibit".

Even before the conference Maabjerg BioEnergy has received some attention both domestic and abroad. A delegation of Japanese scientists visited us, and right before the conference the Swedish farming magazine ATL did a feature on Maabjerg BioEnergy.


At the conference it became clear that Maabjerg BioEnergy has become a brand name in the biogas industry. The photo of Maabjerg BioEnergy was used in the conference logo, and our exhibition was quite crowded, and many of the guests were Swedish biogas professionals who came to learn more about the Danish approach towards producing biogas.

In the coming months we will continue to work with the connections that we made at Nordic Biogas Conference, and continue to pursue our goal of making our knowledge and expertise commercially available to the industry.

Below is a set of photos from Nordic Biogas. The first pictures show the Danish climate minister Martin Lidegaard (looking at the computer screen).

All photos by photographer Miklas Njor.



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