Pictures: Topping-out ceremony

Thursday, June 09, 2022



Photos: Thomas Maxe.


In accordance with Danish traditions a topping out ceremony was held at Maabjerg Bioenergy when the last beam was placed on the main building. At the ceremony speeches were made by the chairman of the board as well as the architect, mr. Freddy
Quist. Freddy Quist is clearly excited about the project.


"It amazes me every time I enter the building site." He says. "Seeing the buildings rise is
something you cannot compare to looking at drawings on a piece of paper."

Also the CEO of Maabjerg Bioenergy Jørgen Udby showed great satisfaction
with the progress of constructions. However he emphasized:


"today is dedicated to those who work on the site. It is a chance for them to see which progress has
been made."


The day was celebrated by serving red sausages and a cold beer - Danish style!

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