Whey from Arla to be used for biogas production

Monday, August 22, 2021

As of 1st February 2012 Maabjerg BioEnergy is to receive all whey, which is a residue from the production of cream cheese at the Arla dairy in Holstebro. Annually, this amounts to 98,000 tonnes of whey which is expected to turn into 3,5 - 4 million cubic metres of biogas.

So far Arla has sold whey as animal feed in the local farming community. But when the construction of Maabjerg BioEnergy is done, a more environment friendly alternative awaits, says dairy CTO Lene Bjerg Jacobsen:

"Arla is concerned about nature - right from the milk pickup at the suppliers to the delivery of products in stores. Therefore we're also concerned about where the whey goes when we're done making cream cheese. The production of biogas is the most effective - and at the same time gentle - way of giving whey back to nature."

As part of the agreement Maabjerg BioEnergy will handle the transportation of whey from the dairy to the bioenergy facility. The two sites are less than a mile apart. If local authorities give the go-ahead, a pipeline will be established, thus skipping the need for road transport altogether.

CEO at Maabjerg BioEnergy Jørgen Udby is pleased with the deal.

"Maabjerg BioEnergy already made arrangements for receiving 450,000 tonnes of slurry. But we will have a much better bio process at the plant when we can add other types of biomass. It's a bit like in the old days when you threw a dead chicken in the septic tank to boost the process," he says.

The parties do not wish to disclose the financial details of their agreement, but both parties are smiling, which is usually a good sign.


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