Work-related injury at construction site

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

On 22nd December 2010 a 53 year old masonry worker, employed by a Danish construction company, was seriously injured in a work-related accident at the Maabjerg BioEnergy construction site.


Due to icy conditions the man slipped and fell so unfortunate that - while falling - he accidently kicked aside a wooden plate covering a hole which he then fell through. The man fell 5-6 meters (15-20 feet) down into the "basement" of the main building.


There were no eyewitnesses, but coworkers heard the man falling and were able to provide first aid within seconds. Paramedics and an emergency physician were on the scene within minutes and police later escorted the ambulance to a trauma facility. 


We are grateful that the 53 year survived the accident, but he remains in a hospital specializing in spinal cord injuries and will stay there for quite some time. Doctors are still unsure whether he will make a full recovery.


Coworkers at the construction site were deeply affected by the accident, and Maabjerg BioEnergy therefore arranged for a psychologist to conduct a debriefing
at the construction site few hours after the accident. 


Following standard procedure the police assisted the Danish Working Enviroment Agency (In Danish: "Arbejdstilsynet") in inspecting the construction site and interviewing coworkers.


Just one week prior to the accident the WEA conducted a scheduled inspection of the site and made no remarks. However, safety has been improved by installing guard rails around the hole where the accident happened, and Maabjerg BioEnergy is committed to take any advice that the WEA may give us for improving safety even further. An official report from the WEA is still pending.


Update - January 2011: The injured worker is no longer in a critical (life threatening) condition. However, he is still receiving treatment at the hospital and is not likely to return to work at the construction site.

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